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Research and Production Enterprise “Geoprom” carries out investigation for the oil and gas and ore mineral deposits searching and exploration, for the drinking, mineral and hydrothermal waters searching, for the underground cavities and areas of underground water flows migration mapping. The company is conducting also a geophysical geotechnical works during the construction of residential complexes and industrial buildings, roads and railways.

The company employs highly qualified geologists and geophysicists with experience of work in production geological-and-geophysical organizations and institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

For the mineral deposits searching the RPE “Geoprom” use the mobile field geoelectric exploration methods: the forming of short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF) and vertical electric-resonance sounding (VERS). They are direct geophysical research methods. These methods allows to detect and map the areas of a particular searching substances distribution (oil, gas, gold, uranium, etc.), as well as to build a vertical geological and geophysical models of the searching matter distribution in the cross-section. During the oil and gas deposits searching, the contours of deposits and the depth intervals of oil, gas and gas-condensate reservoirs occurrence are defined. For each of the selected by sounding layer the value of fluid pressure in the reservoir is estimated. The depth of the target horizons searching vary in intervals of 0-6000 m (and deeper, if necessary).

For the geophysical survey of geotechnical character carrying out the GPR and seismic-acoustic sounding methods are used additionally.

In addition to the field work, the company is conducting also a frequency-resonance processing and interpretation of satellite images. According to the results of such processing, the zones of searching objects localization are allocated and mapped operatively, the tectonic faults are traced; the most promising searching areas for detailed geological and geophysical study are identified.

RPE “Geoprom” works in the field of geophysical services since 1997. During this time a significant volume of Geophysical Research was made, both in Ukraine and abroad.

In Ukraine, the geophysical works were carried out for various minerals searching – gas, gas condensate, crude oil, coal, drinking, mineral and geothermal water, uranium, gold. Geotechnical engineering works were carried out during the construction of highways, subway lines, residential buildings and industrial complexes, survey of landslide areas, dams, searching for underground cavities, and others.

RPE “Geoprom” actively conduct the geophysical surveys for various minerals in foreign countries on different continents. These are: Russia – oil, gas, gas condensate, gas hydrates, diamonds, gold; Belarus – oil, gas and gas condensate; Republic of Kazakhstan – oil, gas, gold, zinc; Turkey – oil, gas, gas condensate, gold, platinum, geothermal water; Colombia – oil, gas, gas condensate, coal; Antarctic Peninsula region (Ukrainian Antarctic station on Galindez island, expeditions in 2004, 2006, 2010) – gas hydrates, oil, gas, glaciers mapping, ice deposits thickness determination; the Falkland Islands offshore – oil, gas; Mongolia – oil, gas, iron ore and uranium, geothermal water;. Bulgaria – oil, gas; US – oil, gas; England – gas, oil; Australia – copper, gold; Mexico – gold; Chile – copper; Ecuador – oil, gas; Guyana – gold, manganese; Sudan – oil, gas, gold; Iran – oil, gas; Uzbekistan – oil, gas; Turkmenistan – oil, gas; Indonesia – oil and gas (offshore); Portugal – gold; Libya – oil and gas (offshore and onshore); Afghanistan – oil, gas; Ghana – oil and gas (offshore); Tunisia – oil, gas; Cameroon – gold; South Africa – oil and gas (offshore and onshore); Namibia – oil, gas; Madagascar – gold; Slovakia – geothermal water; UAE – oil, gas; Lithuania – oil, gas; Poland – oil, gas; Romania – oil, gas; Armenia – oil, gas; Georgia – oil, gas; shelf in the Arctic region – oil, gas; Norway – oil and gas (offshore); Venezuela – oil and gas (offshore); Trinidad and Tobago – oil and gas (offshore); Gulf of Mexico – oil, gas hydrates; Vietnam – titan magnetite; Thailand – oil and gas (offshore).

Sergey Levashov

CEO RPE “Geoprom”